Friday, 8 May 2009

Qatar Airways

I flew with Qatar Airways. Now, in the past I have always been extremely happy with their service, but I must say maybe I am just getting old, for I believe their service is not what it used to be. I traveled from door to door over 28 hours. Being tired, everything started working on my nerves. The friendly Indian guy next to me kept on bumping into me and drove me crazy while I was trying to sleep. A big South African woman talked the entire way from Doha to Johannesburg and I know exactly how the poor little baby boy felt when he was crying for the last 4 hours before landing. I also felt like crying. The food was also not really like I remembered and with unfriendly airhost and the changeover in Doha……. terrible.
The good thing was that I got away with a miracle when I boarded the plain without paying overweight. I took the flight with just under 60 kg of camera equipment and I did not pay any extra for it. Amazing!