Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I am in Germany for the casting of a lady actor for the commercial shoot coming up the following weekend. What I love most about my trips up North is the Autobahn. You can drive as fast as you want or as fast as your car can go. Driving on the German roads is an absolute pleasure. Most of the cars, mainly BMW and Audi, are fairly new and with good drivers. The regulations for both car and driver are some of the strictest in the world and it can be seen on the roads. It’s a world apart from conditions in South Africa.

Any case, straight after arriving, I saw a lot of possibilities for filming beautiful behind the scenes footage. The mist was low over the Rhein river and I could not let this opportunity slip by. I ended up filming for a good 2 hours before checking into my hotel room and packing out all the gear for the casting.

I was a little worried after seeing that the first lot of girls was not what I had in mind. The hands and feet were the most important aspects and they did not match the criteria. But then things changed for the better. We found the perfect actress for the roll. She had everything that the client wanted and after practicing the part a few times everybody on the team was convinced that the production was on the right track.

The next day I spent a great deal of time on the background interviews in connection with the client's business and did some fox pop interviews with his customers as well as more beauty shots and cut-aways. Although I was a a little stressed before I arrived, things are starting to fall in place and I am now looking forward to the actual filming of the commercial next weekend.