Friday, 7 August 2009

New toys

This month I have a new commercial shoot coming up in Germany and I really needed a new super prime lens for lowlight filming. A very good client of mine has got every lens in the book. The guy even owns a Hasselblad camera. It’s probably the most expensive DSLR money can buy. He also has a huge collection of Nikon lenses. I tried all of them. It’s an amazing privilege to shoot with equipment like this. But one lens in particular was my favourite. See, I remember Phil Darley from the BBC had this £10 000 wide angle Canon lens. Really a bomb of a dream lens to own, but if you can afford only one lens that has to do most of your production, then a wide angle can really spoil it. So, although a wide angle looks great, it was not what I was after. I needed to focus close and with a f-stop of 1.8 or bigger. The lens I was after was his 6 year old 28mm 1.4T .  It has a heavy cast iron solid body. He agreed on me trying it for the commercial and to make him an offer for the lens. This was what I wanted to hear. 
Life in general is expensive and on top of it all, our car was in for a major service and I had to buy a lot of new equipment. Equipment that I need for the  30 sec commercial in Germany. It’s one of my biggest jobs to date and I am pulling out all the stops to make this project as perfect as I can. One piece of kit that I need was a boom microphone. Normally I would hire the gear, but it is time that I spend some money and get my own things. Phil, my good friend from the BBC advised me to the little brother of the Sennheiser 416….. the ME66. I am a fan of Sennheiser since all the audio equipment I have from them works like a charm. After a bit of research I bought the whole kit, ME 66, pre-amp, boom pole, pistol grip and softie.