Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Last days in Australia

After a very busy 2 weeks of supplying news to all the local stations and our web casts, I had very little energy left. For 10 days straight I filmed during daylight and edited during the night. Falling behind was out of the question since it would only backlog and once that happen you will never be able to catch up again. It’s probably also better to keep it up, treat it as news rather than films and pump it out daily. News is only news for today, there after it’s not interesting anymore. It was a challenge giving attention to all the matters at hand. If this was not enough I had this bright idea to release a new Waveski DVD smack bang in the middle of the week. The premier for B-SIDES turned out to be a success with well over 150 people attending. If you want to get your hands onto this movie you can purchase it from subgraviti.com/movies

My last day in Australia ended on a pretty relaxed high note. After packing all the gear back in its boxes I went for a final quick surf. It was perfect. 3 ft left peeling sand bottom point break with only a hand full of surfers out. I had the opportunity to shake off all the hard work of the past weeks and just forget about all the responsibilities and enjoyed the surfing.