Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Santa Claus broadcast for London

On the weekend I was assigned by a Frankfurt based company to film news for a British TV station on the CLAUWAU Santa Claus world championship at a village called Samnaum. Seven different nationalities took part, even as far as Japan. I was under the impression that I was going to be the only cameraman at the event. In fact it was completely the opposite. You had to fight to get a spot at the action and interviews. Channels from all over the world were there. The broadcast company needed 15 minutes of rushes in DVCAM format. This was quite strange for me since lately I was getting frustrated with the quality of HDV footage and getting used to 4k files with its amazing clarity. To go back to DVCAM was for me like going back to the Stone Age. The quality is just terrible. Well that’s what the client wanted so that’s what he got. The village is quite remotely located and therefore I had to upload the rushes via FTP server. The client then downloaded it in Frankfurt, edited the package and sent it to London where it got aired. Amazing how things have changed over the last years that even the average Joe can send files as big as 4 GBits through the internet for broadcasting.