Monday, 22 March 2010

Vaseline shoot with André Liebenberg

I am back in Africa. Its funny to live in Switzerland and work in Africa. Normally it`s the other way round. But anybody who knows the Walsers knows that we do not like to do things the ordinary way. We like to make things complicated for ourselves.

I was invited to a Vaseline shoot with André Liebenberg. André is one of South Africa`s most famous directors. He has a lifetime of awards behind him, including 12 Loeries and several international Cannes awards for his directing work. He became famous for his Castrol ads in the 90`s and managed to build a reputation of working with children. I respect this man enormously and when I got the invitation to attend one of his commercial shoots I was over the moon with excitement. One of my friends said I looked like a cat who just got milk.

The shoot was wonderful and I learnt a great deal. It really feels like it took me to a new level of understanding. One aspect where I learnt a lot was with lighting. Lighting is really a science. You need to have a feeling for it. Sometimes it looked like a squatter camp that they built around this little pot of Vaseline but it delivered the most amazing results.

I was building set, carrying stuff and sitting on the best spot on the set, next to Andrès` director chair!