Friday, 23 April 2010

El-Paradiso One Year Close to Heaven Film

Recently I completed a huge year long project with the El-Paradiso mountain hut. The film is called: "One Year close to Heaven"

The project was overwhelming in many ways. I filmed at El-Paradiso for about sixteen times over the period of one year and accumulated a confusing amount of footage. The script changed so many times and it caused a huge headache. But it was not only the script that changed, also the objectives of the film changed in the course of the production.

Although it is a very interesting topic for the employees and owners of the hut the rest of the world is not really interested. The challenge was to do the magic in the editing. It took five weeks to cut this monster together. A complete overkill, but I believe the edge was found. Watch the film for now from my homepage at or a big quicktime download at this link.

My sincere thanks to Hans-Jörg Zingg and El-Paradiso for the opportunity to make it happen and trusting me to go all the way with the film.