Friday, 28 May 2010

Europa Cup 2010 in France

I have just returned from an inspiring filming week on the West coast of France. (Plouhinec) It was a waveski event with all the hottest riders from all over Europe attending. By now I know most of the riders since I have been working closely with them for the last 10 years.

This is not the first time that I do this type of news media, a current affairs news cover that should look like a classy short film - filming during the day, editing at night and uploading before the break of dawn. Although searching for music can be very time consuming, sourcing music for this project, was an inspiring experience. Music is very important for the success of a production. To my mind more than 50% of the success is dedicated to the sound and therefore it is so rewarding to find the right songs after searching the internet sites in the hope to discover the next big unsigned group.

I traveled with the TGV train and at times it was flying at 320 km per hour. A first for me and what an experience to commute at that speed! Arriving in France it was completely overcast, grim and gray. Adding to the atmosphere the town had a Scottish, almost Gothic feeling with classic little cottage houses everywhere. This set the stage for the start of the show.

The next day the weather was the opposite with perfect blue skies and beautiful 4-5 ft clean/green surf and a dolphin joining the surfers in the line-up. It was easy to make that look good. I did a total of four 5-8 minute films and we had about 10,000 views on over 5 days. I am happy with the outcomes and it opened new doors for Sub Graviti.

There were many special moments during the course of the event, like when one of the British competitors told me that his 2 year old son watches my film "Gateway to Sorga" at least once daily. This was a good feeling, stressing the responsibility to produce decent films. Children all over the world watch the films and you as filmmaker plant dreams in their hearts and fill their heads with images. You better make the dream pure or a generation of riders grow up with a fake evil gray reality of the world.

You can watch the highlights of the event at or on the Worldriders Channel on YouTube.