Monday, 5 July 2010


Holiday was our main objective. Inspiration was another. The good thing was that I got a lot of both. Yes, holiday is not something that I do often and you sort of forget its importance while you are stuck in projects. The funny thing is that it can really count in your favor to take some holiday every now and then. If you are rested and experience interesting things, your head fills with inspiration and ideas flow much better when you are working.

Berlin is a big modern city with a great deal of interesting history. What interested me most were the elements of things happening around the fall of the wall 20 years ago. Also the great graffiti art visible everywhere. One thing that I found very interesting is that there was a lot of poster graffiti on the walls. A graffiti artist told us that if the police catch you sticking a graffiti-poster on the wall, the penalty is a lot easier on the artist than when you get caught spraying the walls. Posters are like advertisement in the eyes of the police but spray damages the buildings. Well, for me as inspiration hungry tourist it did not matter. Both worked well to get a message across and draw ideas from the artist's work. One guy's work that stood out was ALIAS. He is one of Berlin's most famous graffiti artists. You can see more of his work on Its got some elements of the UK artist BANKSY but it's still unique in its own way.

Music is a fascinating thing and can really make or break a film. So another highlight of my trip to Berlin was meeting Olivier Girardot. For the last 2 years I have been working together with Olivier on the production of several films. The highlights are the work we have been doing for the Parlotones on Giant Mistake and now the newest Push me to the Floor film. Although we work together, we have never actualy met in person. Just on the internet. I found Olivier on Myspace and was amazed with his unique style and fantastic music composing. So to finally meet Olivier was such a sureal experience. I took a bottle of autographed Giant Mistake with me and we sat together with our wives in a park in Berlin and enjoyed lots of classic moments together. We also briefly discussed the soundtrack of Push me to the Floor and found some solutions on making the film gel better. Read more on Olivier on

I can recommend Berlin as the perfect weekend vacation. If you want to visit a layback city full of interesting history and modern art it's surely the perfect place to go.