Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Commercial shoot in Portugal

Seventeen days in Portugal. I took a group of young waveski surfers to Portugal to shoot a commercial for the 2011 World Championship. This was just one side of the mission. Together with the 2011 Worlds and the Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit Festival I will also have the world premier for my new waveski film. For me it’s going to be the biggest premier up to date and it was important that I filmed some spectacular action to go with it. And that’s precisely what happened.

Out of the 17 days of filming we had just 2 days that we could not film because of rain and strong wind. The rest of the time we were blessed with excellent surfing conditions all day long. I gathered a total of just over 300 GB of rushes. The material came from 5 different cameras: the surfing telescopic camera, lifestyle camera and 3 water cameras. All performed excellent, without any problem in a very hostile environment. The best filming experience I had on the trip was sitting on the back of a jetski while speeding next to the white water as the riders surf the wave in full glory, at times less than a meter away from me. It was my first time that I have experienced this angle seeing the riders so close and being right next to the action. I captured some incredible images in absolute perfect wave conditions. It is guaranteed to put the movie in a league of its own.

To see some ‘behind the scenes’ footage of our mission, check out