Thursday, 2 December 2010

Alberto Venzago

I had the great honour to have an espresso with renowned filmmaker and photo journalist, Alberto Venzago. He is one of Switzerland's best photographers, still or moving pictures. Talking to him, you quickly realize that this is a man with a great deal of knowledge in the film industry. He has got a very strong distinctive style of working with heavy contrasted black and white pictures. Alberto is known throughout the world and artists like Tina Turner and Penelope Cruz - just to name a few - are his clients. His work gets presented by Wim Wenders, one of Germanys most influential directors. Alberto knows everybody and most likely worked at some stage with them all. Even worked with Oscar winner Anthony Dod Mantle, cinematographer from Slumdog Millionnaire. The hour and a half flew by and before I knew it my parking money was finished and it was time to go. My head was full of thoughts and that night was dedicated to dreaming and in the process I forgot to sleep.