Monday, 3 January 2011

Neal Stephenson

About 18 months ago I worked on a short film for a company called Össur. Its a medical company that builds amazing products for people that where born without limbs or were in some kind of an accident that harmed them in such a way that their leg or arm had to be amputated. An amazing sport person close to my heart was attacked 12 years ago by a shark and in the process lost his leg just above his knee.

His name is Neal Stephenson and to many watermen an absolute legend and to waveskis surfers around the world a hero. Before the accident Neal was South Africas number one bodyboarder and rated amongst the top 4 body boarders in the world. Neal took up waveski surfing after the accident and within a period of 2 years he won back in 2000 3rd place at the world championship in Jeffreys Bay South Africa. I had the privilege of producing a short film about him and now after many months the film will finally be made visible. Össur wants to show people in similar life changing situations that there is real hope of continuing living out your dreams. That your world can truly be a life without limitations.

As soon as its online and official I will post the link here. In the meanwhile enjoy some of the stills coming from the film of this amazing individual.

Also check out more on Neal Stephenson in Mutual Addiction the movie.