Friday, 14 January 2011

Vodafone "point of view" commercial

I have been helping as an extra action camera operator and production assistant on a “point of view“ Vodafone commercial shoot. It was a very interesting day with great action. I filmed the actors closely from my snowboard as they skied at great speed down the snowy faces of the Alps in St. Moritz. Focus was set at 1 meter and it was challenging to keep a safe distance.

I don't think the director realized how good the conditions were. Perfect, no wind, blue skies, not too cold and with fresh 20cm of powder. It looked sooo good and I was proud of the Engadin.

Since it got shot from the “point of view“ of the actors enjoying their winter holiday the director thought filming with DSLR cameras would make the commercial more realistic. Almost all the shots got done on the Canon 7D and 5D cameras and that make it much more maneuverable specially being on the snowboard. They also had several GoPro cameras placed in all funny positions. It was refreshing to see that even on a big budget commercial of this sort with a client like Vodafone that they use the same equipment as Sub Graviti.

Here is the commercial.