Thursday, 16 June 2011


Six days in a beautiful, very hot, inspirational city. Barcelona really has it all. Great weather, located right by the Mediterranean sea, art, culture and brilliant architecture from Gaudi.

We went mainly to refill the creativity side, but also a thing called holiday. Holiday, what's that? Something you can eat...? I was in my element with the photo camera. Took lots of photos, making experimental time lapses and filmed some weird people protesting for anything you can think of.

What impressed me the most of the city was how well organized everything is. The streets and beaches are very clean. All the time trucks come to pick up rubbish. Every night, sometimes after midnight, the roads get washed down. We never for one moment felt unsafe in any way. Walking around with lots of camera gear it's always in the back of your mind, however you felt more like a monkey checking for something that was no problem at all.

Go and check out this city. It will not disappoint you, only if you are a surfer... Be aware, the place is flat, no waves.