Monday, 25 July 2011

Bohemia - Shoot 1.

Two weeks break and back in the shooting game in Zurich at a restaurant called Bohemia. Bohemia is famous for being the first restaurant to roast their own coffee beans and as a result making the best coffee in Zurich. The place has got so much character and colour. Originally it started off as a butchery and then was taken over as Bohemia Cigar Bar, but since the smoking law kicked in things changed and Bohemia needed to move with time. The place asked for a make-over. Although clients don’t understand why they have to change something that suits them perfectly, the inside were old and very un-economic. The huge fridges originally for the butcher to hang his meat where a complete waste of energy.

I was asked to document the old Bohemia for what it is and then over 4 months follow the process of refurbishment all the way to the new Bohemia. From this I have to cut commercial films which they will use to keep excisting clients informed and for advertising purposes.

Together with my IT man, Benjamin Walz we developed this killer timelaps system that is made of 3 HD cameras taking a photo every 60 sec's. The photos are then transferred via wi-fi to a main computer where they are backed up x2 on external drives. Everything happens automatically. Even in case of a power failure battery power will provide energy for an entire day with enough memory to store 3 days of photos on every camera. As soon as power is restored the system will automatically start-up and download & back-up all unsaved data. I even have the possibility to access the files from anywhere in the world by logging in via an online server and check on the status of the cameras, external drives, and photo quality for dirty lenses etc. Let’s hope it all works out the way we planned it.

Bohemia looked well after us and there were never a hungry or thirsty moment. Gaffer Pietro Bartesaghi did a great job setting up our gear and making sure we could pump out the interviews and creative filming. Thanks also to Visuals Switzerland for all the rental gear. It helps so much to have a personal relationship with a rental company that goes out of their way to serve you with the best equipment. Three to four weeks from now the first film will be online.

Here is just a test film I made 2 months ago to show the client what Bohemia looks like through my camera lens. Nothing official.