Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bohemia - Part 1.

This is the first of 3 short films about the Bohemia restaurant / coffee bar / cigar bar located in the heart of Zurich city in Switzerland. It celebrates the last 12 years of the finest cigars and the best coffee in Zurich. Bohemia is now closed for a 4 months refurbishment. The 2nd film will show more of the rebuilding process where the last film will focus purely on the new Bohemia.

For more visit www.bohemia.ch

Monday, 5 September 2011

Stuck in Zurich

The plan was to go to Zurich for 3 days. Attend a congress, work on the score for the Children Beyond film, go to a trade fare and then back home... but my car's ABS unit exploded and left me without brakes down a pretty steep hill. With some back gearing and the hand brake I came to a halt somewhere in Zurich. Anyhow.... the 3 day trip to Zurich turned into a 7 day stay with friends outside Zurich.

Switzerland is a remarkable place. It was very expensive to replace the ABS unit. Although being a new client, the garage let me go without paying and said I could pay at the end of September. Then on the way home I filled my tank with CHF 92.- worth of petrol. Somehow my card did not work and I had no cash on me. They let me go with their bank info and it was ok to pay the next day. In Switzerland people just trust each other.

Roland Frei and I worked on the Score for the Children Beyond 20min Doc. It was the first time I gave so much attention to audio. Roland is a master and came with wonderful creative solutions for audio craters in the film. Check out NJP Tonstudio for more on what Roland does.

A few days later I had to present the film in front of Universal Records Germany, Prosieben TV station, Audi and all the other advertising companies which form part of the marketing campaign for the project. It went down just perfect and everybody loved it. Since the 1st of September the new website www.beyondsinging.com has been launched and it's great to see the project unfolding step by step. The official CD release party and film premier is on the 28th of September and the music will be in stores from the 7th of October.