Thursday, 20 October 2011

Project Motion

One of the best photographers I know, asked me to participate in an action photography / cinematography project. I cannot really talk too much about it, but it's a great concept and the other day, just before the falling of the first snowflake we had our second shoot together. Magnificent results, I have to say.

Working with master Filip Zuan is an absolute pleasure and really makes me analyze every detail before pressing the record button. Personally I think my strength is in the editing, but with this project editing will play a very small part. It's purely based on perfect framing and ensuring all aspects are thought through before one starts rolling. Here patience and timing is the big test. Waiting for the right time of the year, the right time of the day and knowing when the moment arrives to start your campaign, is everything. It makes you sweat, but when it all comes together it's just magic.

Well, like I said.. cannot give too much away, but here is a few behind-the-scenes shots of Filip and me in action. Can't wait for our next mission.