Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bohemia Part 2.

I always thought that I don't mind traveling for my work, but prefer not to travel for my sport. Well be careful for what you wish... because it will happen. Lately more and more work away from home allows me to meet lots of interesting people and an opportunity to see more of the world. One of these projects is the Bohemia Restaurant re-invention in Zurich, Switzerland.

The refurbishment is now well underway and Part 2. of "Bohemia Re-Inventing Itself" is now available online. There will be one last film following and that will feature the new completed Bohemia. Bohemia is part of the the TwoSpice group who owns 12 restaurants all over Zurich.

The restaurant business is a tough business, especially in Switzerland. With the two biggest expenses namely rent and staff, the profits margins are low and it needs an extremely well structured business to function effectively and financially efficient. If I could just manage my own business as well as those guys I would have been so much further and have more to spend on my sport.
Enjoy the little clip.