Monday, 21 November 2011

Got the shot, but paid the price

Had a wild weekend behind the camera. The most interesting by far was my first boxing experience.

I knew nothing about boxing. Yes... little did I know that I will end up in the ring myself.

It was for an insurance company where I had to shoot as 2nd unit a part of a 28sec commercial. My part will only be 2 to 3 sec. This however made it even more stressful, since I had to get a few very strong impressions. I worked myself stupid to cover all the possible angles. Shot mostly with 2 different lenses. CP.2 50mm and a very nice zoom 70 - 200mm 2.8. But time was of the essence. Just changing lenses could cost you a great shot. It was a real boxing match.. so there was not... like… "Can you please just punch that girl one more time in the face?" Oh yes... did I forget to mention it was a girl fight? I tell you… I will not stand for one round in the ring with those ladies. They are so fast… you just blink and you go down.

Well I pushed the limits as much as I could. Had this idea that the boxer should fight with the camera to give the impression that I was the opponent. So, as soon as she was done kicking butt… I jumped into the ring and she started boxing towards the camera. I got my 5 secs shot and said… it's ok, it's ok, I got it... but she just kept on going and started punching me in the ribs from all directions. Man do you feel hopeless. With the camera on my shoulder I could just run… but they were so fast. The audience loved it and did not want her to stop punching me. I got the shot, but paid the price.