Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Vaudoise insurance - 30 Sec Commercial

Here are the final edited commercials from the insurance company Vaudoise that I shot the boxing match for. Since yesterday (23 January 2012) its been broadcast all over Switzerland on every channel possible. Very cool to be part of this and congratulations to the guys at Stories AG for doing an amazing job with the editing.

Swing Kids - Documentary Film

Worked with director, Fabian Kimoto as camera man for a documentary film on a music group called the Swing Kids. Fabian is mostly known for his talent as a Colour Grader, but an all around talented Filmmaker. Last year he won several awards for his documentary film "The Rising Sun" on brake-dancing. Together we came up with great solutions for lighting the many interviews. Here is a few screen grabs from the shoot.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spirit of Panama

Just finished a two day shoot for a super cool documentary film. It's a project from famous Swiss film director Tobias Fueter. Most of our old guys are familiar with the classic 1993 movie, Coolrunnings. Well this time it's no comedy, its for real.

Chris Zollinger a Swiss lawyer came up with this crazy idea to put a team of Bobsleigh riders from the country of Panama together in the hope to make the 2014 Winter Olympics. They call themselves the "Spirit of Panama" and consist of a group of Panamanian top athletes that has been casted together via a TV show in Panama. There are a lot of things counting against them, but if they ever had one unfair advantage, then it is the fact that they have Spirit. This is a crucial missing element with most of the other teams and "Spirit of Panama" has it in abundance.

Below is the trailer for "Spirit of Panama". Over the next 2 years the film will take shape and eventually be in theaters and on TV all over the world. Just imagine if they do make the Olympics! They are the hope of a country.. and if anybody can do it... these guys have got the spirit to make it happen. Thanks everyone, awesome to be part of it. www.spiritofpanama.org

Here is also a program from Swiss TV "SF". The last footage came from my camera.

November, best month ever...

Happy 2012 to everybody and hope we can all move one step closer to our dreams in the next 12 months. For me one of the highlights from 2011 was the month of November. The snow came late and November was my best month ever on the mountain bike. I have to mention that Patrick Koller from the Workshop in St. Moritz hooked me up with a monster full suspension mountain bike. For years I have been dreaming of a new bike and when my bike came beginning November, 4 months earlier than expected, it was right up my ally. What made it perfect is that the first snowflakes came around the 6th of December. So I had the time of my life with nobody on the mountain.

Well the snow came eventually and although it was a long wait the powder came in full swing and I got some beautiful lines. Here is a shot from my GoPro on the 1st of January.

January was not all about fun and games. One of my biggest clients re-opened its doors for business after 6 months of refurbishment. Bohemia in Zurich went through a complete process of re-inventing itself. CHF 2 000 000.- later and they are back in business. I shot the last film of a 3 part project. Was really a great journey together and special thanks goes to good friend Wade Metzer for making it all happen. In the next 2 weeks the final film will be online. Quite a bit of editing lying ahead. Here are the links for the first 2 films. Bohemia Part 1. / Bohemia Part 2.