Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spirit of Panama

Just finished a two day shoot for a super cool documentary film. It's a project from famous Swiss film director Tobias Fueter. Most of our old guys are familiar with the classic 1993 movie, Coolrunnings. Well this time it's no comedy, its for real.

Chris Zollinger a Swiss lawyer came up with this crazy idea to put a team of Bobsleigh riders from the country of Panama together in the hope to make the 2014 Winter Olympics. They call themselves the "Spirit of Panama" and consist of a group of Panamanian top athletes that has been casted together via a TV show in Panama. There are a lot of things counting against them, but if they ever had one unfair advantage, then it is the fact that they have Spirit. This is a crucial missing element with most of the other teams and "Spirit of Panama" has it in abundance.

Below is the trailer for "Spirit of Panama". Over the next 2 years the film will take shape and eventually be in theaters and on TV all over the world. Just imagine if they do make the Olympics! They are the hope of a country.. and if anybody can do it... these guys have got the spirit to make it happen. Thanks everyone, awesome to be part of it. www.spiritofpanama.org

Here is also a program from Swiss TV "SF". The last footage came from my camera.