Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Strange Winter

Strange winter. First of all the snow came almost 2 months later than other years. Then the cold systems came only from the North which means the southern Alps got very little snow. A warm pressure prevented the St. Moritz lake from freezing and one of my longest running contracts, the Polo World Cup on Snow, was canceled for the first time in 28 years. The funniest was that the organization reckoned that "Mother nature has let us down". Can we possibly insult "mother nature" more? After that it got extremely cold. Minus 30'C at times and throughout the day never much higher than- 18'C. This continued for close to 3 weeks. Now it’s warm again... and feels like winter is all over.

Back to work; the final film for Bohemia in Zurich is done. The restaurant is doing better than ever before and the refurbishment journey seems to be well worth the effort and money. I however had a rough time with the edit. It’s just a refurbishment at the end of the day and making it interesting was a hard challenge. The highlight of the production was the music. I thought it would be very special if we could compose a Bohemia song for the production. Had a few ideas in mind and gave the job to Jeff Sheppard, an Australian composer that I met through MySpace. (For those of you that can still remember the forgotten social network.) With just a few rough guidelines he really delivered the goods. Bohemia was so pleased with the track that they bought the exclusive rights from Jeff to use on their website, phone and more. Within a week of the release of the track Jeff got another request from one of my clients. How cool is that! I know how hard these guys like Jeff Sheppard and Olivier Girardot works and deserves to be right on top. Music is everything.. and without sound my work is worth nothing.