Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ivo Adam with his Seven's

Ascona is the Mediterranean of Switzerland and in general hot and sticky and feels like holiday when one goes there. However we had anything but holiday. The Sub Graviti crew worked a very hard 4 days, 18 hours per day. With a fully packed script and on average 4 different locations per day, our main talent, played by Olivia Studer and Gioele Guerra had long hours in front of the lens. Both of them come from a show business background and it's a real pleasure to work with performers of this quality. 

My assistant director was Mr Ivo Adam. He is Switzerland's most famous kitchen chef with two world titles behind his name. In Ascona he runs the Seven Group with 4 restaurants and a club while managing 150 people. He also has his own TV show on National Swiss TV and tons of different products, like books, wine and so on. His attention to detail when it comes to presenting food, was an essential element to push the commercial for correct and appealing food cinematography.

One of the classic scenes that we managed to pull off was a queue of people standing in front of the Seventy7 Club. Two intimidating bouncers and the main cast walking towards the club, while an Aston Martin and a Hummer drove through the scene. Man... it was just spectacular and incredible when things work out better than it was scripted.

In another scene, just before we started rolling at 24h00 down a classic Italian looking street, a beautiful refurbished Vespa motorbike suddenly appeared in the shot. There and then the owner agreed that he could leave it in the street and it just provided that extra edge in making it that little larger than life. This stuff happens all the time. No matter how hard you plan, you need to constantly adapt to whatever life throws at you and this is normally the recipe towards a better product.

Furthermore I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved with the production. Ivo Adam for the organization and believing in the script. Olivia Studer and Gioele Guerra. Gaffer, chief cook and bottle washer, Antonio von Nobel for doing a fantastic job and all the behind the scene photos. Makeup and hair artists, extras, cars, waiters, service, carriers and more. Was an absolute pleasure to be working together.