Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rocking June

The month of June was by far the busiest month of my working life. I remember back in January sitting around, not knowing what to do with myself while waiting for the water to freeze on the St. Moritz lake. June on the other hand was packed with incredible jobs. Unfortunately I cannot talk much about anything until it's official, but in the coming months many of my latest productions will become public and I can share it on my blog. If I can single out one person who helped me tremendously the last month then it is Roland Frei from NJP Studios. As a composer he did an incredible job and just proved once again how important sound is for any production. Here is a few pictures I like to share. 
Ruth and Malan helped me with a place to lay my head after long days behind the lens. 
Loving the results.
Roland Frei with his magic touch. 

A winning team of producers, directors and creators. 

Another project starts.
An enormous set-up on a monster shoot. 

My first time working with Ultra Prime lenses. What a difference to just normal compact prime. I understand now why it costs so much money. 

A smooth flowing shooting day with renowned soal singer Marc Sway in a back ally downtown Zurich. 
In studio making it happen.