Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Swisscom Shadow

A few months ago I was asked to direct a small part of a Swisscom commercial. It was running parallel with the major Swisscom Shadow shoot from Tobias Fueter. It was just surreal to be part of such a huge commercial shoot with more than 160 people running around. For myself I had a 6 person crew to work with and that was an absolute luxury for a guy that is used to doing everything himself. Firstly the biggest challenge was that I had to work with dancers that were not actors. Furthermore, how do you light a shadow and then how do you get emotion from a head without a face. I was overwhelmed - to say the least.

When it came to the edit one had to think completely out of the box to make ends meet. There was really nothing to edit and the only way I could think to make it more interesting was to add some graphic elements to the pictures. Everybody was skeptical with my first cut, since the story board was not structured in this way, but when the clients saw it they loved it and in-fact asked to add even more elements.

With every job there are so many things that can go wrong and on this job it felt like I was always on the edge of disaster. Somehow I was spared another day. Thankful.

My first every greenscreen attempt. 

One more film I recently finished, but did not have the time to show on my blog. This one I am very proud of and truly felt like it was one of my better jobs. 

Music again composed and mixed by Roland Frei. Assistant on the shoot, Anthony Salamin. Producer Ivo Adam, Performance by Olivia Studer and Gioele Guerra.