Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Life throws opportunities at you and it's all about your attitude taking it on. When Cartier came around I knew I had to do something special, regardless the budget. That's exactly what happened. A story was born and a new crew quickly came together. What I like most is when people tell me: "You can leave that up to me to find a solution" and I can concentrate on the story at hand. Beatriz Vazquez is one of this rare species who does exactly that. She studied to be a mask make-up artist but had to handle everything from make-up to hair and costume. I only needed to give her guidelines and she got it right every time. 

Our Model Diana Meyer deserves a lot of credit. Walking for 3 long days on high heels is surely not a joke. Towards the end she had about 20 plasters around her feet, but I admired the way she never complained and was always keen to do take after take. In the beginning I thought I need to explain every take in detail but I quickly realized that she had better and more original ideas if I just left her to her own devices. 

Lastly my gaffer on the shoot was Mauro Villagran. No task was too great for Mauro and everything always with a smile. Again I cannot stress enough how important it is if people don't complain and just do their job.  It rained almost every day.. that was what I was hoping for to make the shoots more dynamic. I wanted to have, like the world puts it, bad weather. But yes. bad weather in my eyes are great filming weather. After covering more than 1200 km of Switzerland I hope the film turns out good. 

For those interesting in the gear. Below is a brief list
Camera: Red Epic
Glass: Arri Ultra prime, 16mm, 32mm, 50mm, 135mm 
Zeiss Compact Prime: 50mm close
focus and 100mm close focus.
ND: 3, 6, 9 SE 3, SE6, SE9
Arri Mattbox
Arri Follow focus
Lights: 3 X Litepanel
Oconner Tripod

Special thanks to
Tanja Hiltebrand from Option Model Agency.
Roland Frei from NJP Sound Studio.
Cartier, Zurich, Geneva and Luzern for catering and make us feel at home in every city.