Thursday, 22 November 2012

Writing an Authentic Story

Eight days in India took me from East to West, South to North and through every kind of emotion possible. 

Some days I feared for my life as we weaved through the congested traffic with countless nail biting experiences around every junction. Just a few hours later you find yourself lost in the heartbreaking stories of the HIV children as you cannot hide a tear rolling down your face. India is a place of extremes and any cinematographers dream destination.

The main purpose of our visit to India was to do research for a cinema documentary project that has been in the pipeline for some time. One can think you have the best ideas and hope to write the story in the comfort of your office safe back home, but without taking the time and effort to actually go there amongst the people and feel the place, hear the sounds, experience their stories, one can forget about writing an authentic story. 

It was an eye opener in every sense of the story. I quickly realized that I had a very good chance that a character suitable for the film would appear. That's just what happened and suddenly the direction the film was unfolding was all so simple and clear. The ideas were rolling in faster than I could write.

Without going into any details I would rather just share some stills from the moving pictures until I have some material to share on my site. I hope I can go back soon, surely not for the traffic... but the images are the driving force.