Friday, 21 December 2012

My happiest days in the city of London

Who would have thought that I would ever be in a position of teaching. What can someone possibly learn from me? It is a strange, but kind of satisfying feeling. 

I was asked by a Zurich HR company to do some journalist and camera training to help them improve and spice up their monthly video podcast interviews. I know how to physically do it all, but to actually say it in a way that even I understood what I am talking about, is something! For most of the content I would have to give my London BBC mentor Philip Darley the credit. All those magical days working at Lombard Street Research laid the foundation for great story telling and making a talking head dynamic and interesting. My wife always said that my happiest days in the city were the days filming with Phil.  

The training day went just great and ended with a well earned piece of meat in excellent French company. Special thanks to Marc for making it happen. Until next time my friend.