Monday, 25 February 2013

Berlin Documentary Shooting

A wonderful opportunity emerged to capture an emotional, moving story in front of a large audience in Berlin, with two Red Epic cameras.

For  me it was kind of a bigger production with a lot of pre-planning for  staff and equipment hire. You cannot believe how complicated it is to  rent an Epic camera in Berlin. With the high crime rate and  unemployment figures sky high: If you are not from Warner Brothers or  Universal Pictures you can kind of write it on your stomach. Sub Graviti  Productions...mmm, never heard of them before... Xaver Walser, South  African, mmm.... must be something fishy here. 

The goal was to capture the emotion coming from the audience as the  dramatic story was told. It was a hard setup in a massive hall with  ugly posters and horrible intro music. ("The eye of the Tiger" or  something like that). The lighting was a mess with natural lights  mixed with the daylight, stage lights and tungsten hall lights. I tried  to dim the lights as much as possible without making the hosting hotel  going too crazy. Then supported it with our hired film lights and did  the best we could in a limited period.

My Berlin team filmmakers was just great. They were all very  experienced and professional. Only once I needed to tell them the  vision and they just got on with it. When all was done, no questions  asked, 2 hours later, all the gear were back in the boxes neatly packed away and  stored in a safe place for the rental company to pick it up. Impressive.

The crewCamera A: Martin Lötterle
Camera B: Xaver Walser
Sound: Armin Fischer
Assistant: Daniela Discher
Rental Berlin: MBF, Andre Berckersjürgen
Rental Zurich: Visuals, Ahmet Akguel

Thanks very much to a super team. Hope to come back to Berlin again sometime to do more interesting work together.