Thursday, 11 April 2013

Damiano's Story

Rezzoli Designer Furniture is a fantastic shop in Pontresina Switzerland that sells limited edition designer furniture. Even more interesting than the shop is the person behind it all. Damiano Rezzoli came from a carpentry background and then slowly worked his way into designing his own items and selling it in his shop. Damiano was not interested in a commercial advertising video, however he just wanted to tell his story for people to experience him and the personality behind his shop and his furniture.

The short film was filmed over 2 days, starting in Valposchiavo close to the Italian boarder, plus his designer shop and warehouse in Pontresina and several clients' houses.

Here is the video. Hope you enjoy it.

Directed and scripted: Xaver Walser
Concept: Damiano Rezzoli
Assistant: Pietro Bartesaghi
Text editor: Daria Canoni
Translation: Pia Walser

Special thanks to Damiano's family and the Hausmeister who cleared the snow, although it did not make the final cut.