Monday, 22 April 2013

Teaching with Premier CS6

I was called back to Fribourg, Switzerland for another teaching class with a group of photographers. This time the main focus was on editing. Premier CS6 was our cutting platform.

About 3 months ago I switched from working for more than 10 years on Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premier CS6. I was just too fed-up with having unexplainable problems with FCP. I however knew my way around all of the problems with un-logic ways of solving any type of headache that the editing software threw at me. The hardest one to swallow was when I had to export OMF files for my audio mixing guy in Zurich. Sending it was no problem, but getting the files (wav or aiff) back for some crazy reason it then did not match the visuals anymore and fell short with a few frames. This way it's impossible to line-up picture with audio. In the beginning it's fine and then slowly starts creeping out of sink. You can imagine my frustration not knowing what to do about it. I tried countless methods to get rid of the problem. Then out of desperation, realized that if I change the speed of the track to 99.9 % it matches the exact frames as the visuals. This info I did not share with my sound guys. It was way to embarrassing. Especially when it came to cinema commercials at 24fps and dolby 5:1.

That's when I switched and said goodbye to 10 years of a love-hate-relationship with my Apple software. It really feels like: Since Steve Jobs is not around, Apple doesn't care about their pro users any more. 

It's a shame since the pro users were Apple's very first died-hard-fans and we would have supported them even if they came up with a toaster. Well, now with my new iMac I cannot even burn CDs anymore.. never mind fry some toast.

So Adobe Premier CS6 was the safe clean fast real-time solution to train my photographers the art of editing a talking head. They were all just great and with their free one-month trial-version of the program (here is the link) they all seemed to understand the logic pretty fast. The biggest advantage is that they are all using photo shop daily and the transition to Premier with moving pictures was straight forward.