Friday, 31 May 2013

Back-up Your Footage

How many of you guys do a proper back-up of your files. When you switch to only working with RAW and R3D (Red) files at 5k, you need buckets full of hard drive space. Here is my solution on affordable Thunderbolt back-up.

My latest cutting machines are now-a-days all Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is Apple's computers' newest and super fast transport method. It's got speed, but with that comes expensive gear. Thunderbolt drives are only supplied by about 4 to 5 different manufactures. Although slowly more option to develop the technology, you still struggle to find Thuderbolt drives in most PC/MAC stores. I used to only buy LaCie drive, but what really frustrated me about their drives is that it goes to sleep if you don't constantly move your mouse around. When you then want to pursue working, the drive needs to have a few seconds to come to life again... and although it's less than 12 seconds... to my opinion it's just unnecessary. The other problem is - it's loud. When heated, the fans can sometimes blow so strong and most of them you cannot have on the desk next to you, since there is a constant vibration.

Recently when desperately searching for a Thunderbolt drive, I bought a Western Digital (WD) 6T unit. To my surprise it ran dead quiet. I saw you could actually open it very easily from the top. I pulled out one of the drives and asked my bother-in-law, Benni, if he knew of a place that sells these drives. In no time he found 4 x 3T drives at around Euro 120.- per drive. I was astonished with the price. I paid Euro 600 for 2 of the 3T Thunderbolt units. This means that it's a saving of Euro 360 per set. All you need to do is replace the drives with the  new 3T drives in the Thunderbolt unit. Format it for Raid 1 and you have another 6T as back-up drives. The only thing is, it takes a few  minutes to change drives and you need to mark them very well not to mix them up. I don't use it for my every day work.. but for back-ups it's an  enormous money saver.  Now I can have 3 copies of my most important rushes. 2 in the office and 1 copy safe in an external building. For  my production needs that don't have endless resources to spend on  gear, but still want to shoot RAW, it is a fantastic solution to have  peace of mind over my work.