Thursday, 10 April 2014

After testing comes promotion

The situation in which you are, are not nearly as important as how you act while you are going through it.

Early one rainy Sunday morning while the flow was going one direction, as usual, Xaver Walser was going the opposite way. Never really know which one is better, since I always follow the second option, but it's for sure not boring. I was on my way to Berlin to film a travel application with an actor and a model. We did all the important filming bits on the airport and then joined the line at check in. There were only two Air Berlin staff members checking in lots and lots of impatient travelers. After waiting close to 40 minutes in line, we finally made it to the counter only to hear that we are 5 minutes too late for check-in. The 'talent' could run with their hand luggage, but the heavily packed filmmaker who had to give his bags in for check-in, was stuck in Zurich. I got left behind having to buy a new ticket because of Air Berlin's lack of personal.

Back into the horrible line it all suddenly changed with now four staff working to check passengers in, however this time it was too late for me. Well, the point of the story is that with all this frustration there was nothing I could do about it. I felt like telling them all offff and give them a piece of my mind, but deep inside I knew that this was another test and I somehow needed to deal with this issue quietly. 'After testing comes promotion', was the lesson that came to my mind. Whatever the 'promotion' would be, I was determined to pass this test. 

Berlin is a cool funky city and I can understand why people want to come and live in such an all inspiring creative city where everything is possible. Because of high unemployment numbers, people are forced to think out of the box and do their own thing to survive. Low rent and relatively cheaper labor encourage start-up businesses to be common practice here. 

Special thanks to Twisper CEO David de Brito for making this project a reality and bringing me once more to Berlin. Also to Model Diana Meyer, Actor Oliver Stein, Make-up artist Beatriz Vazquez in Zurich and Alina Eugenia in Berlin, a very big thank you.