Thursday, 26 June 2014

An Idea - By Anne-Marie Flammersfeld

An Idea - Anne-Marie Flammersfeld from Anne-Marie Flammersfeld on Vimeo.

An idea... is where things start. A thought... a flash of brilliance. Or simply a hint from nature. For the insignificant has been known to have triggered the greatest achievements of our times.

Directed by Xaver Walser. 

Produced by Petra Hammelmann and Bertold Zink. 
Cinematography by Xaver Walser and Andrew King.
Sound Mixing by Roland Frei.
Cosmetic by Corina Papini.
Hair by Silvia Meyer.
Mountain guides Christian Balducci and Basti Haag.
Script by Xaver Walser and Manfred Thieroff. 
Production by Sub Graviti Productions.