Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I have a Voice - "Love in Action" cinema trailer

About a year ago I was challenged to edit a cinema trailer to illustrate what a film could possibly look like. We had no clear story line and all I had was my November India research trip as rushes. There was no music or music style selected and nobody knew what the film should look or feel like. The final edit would be presented to a selected group of producers, directors and composers in 2 months from then. Ok... off I went.

I had a pretty clear idea about the music. During my time in India I listened to lots of different Indian music. Back home I composed a simple music edit with all existing material -where the track should go up and where it should go down. Faster, lower and bigger. Then I gave this wild track to composer Roland Frei to replace it with original material. When the track came back it blew me away. It was even better than I could have imagined. With the music as foundation, I matched the footage to the music. 

The editing process had a major turning point 2 weeks into cutting. An Indian priest would be responsible for the film voice over but in today's modern times where Catholic priests are often in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, I wanted to replace it with maybe a little child's voice. That afternoon when my Afrikaans / German speaking 4 year old boy came home after school, I asked him if he was keen to try out the voice over in English. He said no... Well.. I told him I will get him a surprise.. and he said ok, but he was going to do it just once. One take was all I had. He repeated after me and really after one take he left. 

Well this was my visualization of what could possibly be a film trailer. It challenged me from every possible side and I am extremely happy with the outcome. 

Directed by Xaver Walser
Produced by Beat and Regula Curti
Music composed by Roland Frei
Voice Over by Noah X. Walser
Grading by Fabian Kimoto
Script editor: Manfred Thieroff
Video Producer: Beat Curti
Video Director: Xaver Walser
Video Production Company: Sub Graviti Productions (www.subgraviti.com)
Recording Country: India
Used songs: Composed for the film by Roland Frei. 
Music: Roland Frei, Sawani Shende-Sathaye, Regula Curti
Sub-Publisher: BMG Rights Management Switzerland
Singers: Tina Turner, Regula Curti, Sawani Shende-Sathaye, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Shrirang Mirajkar