Thursday, 28 August 2014

Movidiam & Vivobarefoot Revolutionise Filmmaking

Finally the snow on the rocky cliffs of the Alps melted and I could go in with DOP Casper Brog to scout locations for an upcoming footwear commercial for a Worldwide Filmmaking platform, called Movidiam. Four directors from 4 different countries were selected for an overwhelming challenge to each come up with an unique idea how to represent the UK shoe-brand named, Vivobarefoot. It's a cool, young company that has a different philosophy to running, than the rest of the world. They went back to our roots and constructed a shoe that's being optimized as if we are running barefoot.

During our location scouting we figured out most of the story line. I was determined to shoot everything at 25 frames per second just to make sure we separate ourselves from the other directors.  Our running talent, Katie Murray, came all the way from the UK and, although during 19 hours of running terrifying terrain, she never complained. 

The amount of greatness on this shoot was overwhelming. Both Katie and I had pretty hard core accidents during the shoot. I once stepped onto a 1 meter diameter rock which suddenly sinked more than a meter into the ground with two large rocks closing around my leg. Wonder above wonder without breaking my leg. I was very fortunate although some equipment were damaged. Great that the rental house was more concerned about me than about the gear. Thankful.

So now the big Vivobarefoot commercial are done and is slowly being rolled out worldwide. "The Making Of" explaining how Movidiam is working, is also online. Movidiam is an amazing new platform for filmmakers and production companies to streamline workflow for efficient and fast filmmaking from anywhere in the world. I encourage all filmmakers to pre-sign up here since this is going to revolutionise the way we are going to make films from this day forward.

Vivobarefoot / Movidiam commercial

Talent: Katie Murray
Make-up: Coco Baumann-Grieder from Coco Style
Production manager: Victoria McGaw
Gaffer: Szilard Csoke
DOP: Caspar Brog from CF. Visual Network
Pilot: Remo from Dragonsquad
Client: Vivobarefoot
Client: Movidiam
Director: Xaver Walser from Sub Graviti Productions

Here is the Vivobarefoot commercial.

Let your feet do their thing from VIVOBAREFOOT on Vimeo.

The making of for Movidiam.

Movidiam: The Promo from Movidiam on Vimeo.

All photos by Victoria McGaw