Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Romantic World of a Filmmaker

Filmmaking has to be just the best job on the planet - the romantic side when the camera is rolling and you are getting breathtaking results. . . .  But before all this can happen you first have to get the job. You need to come up with a great idea and do a lot of sweet talk. Then you need to incorporate the client’s feedback into the vision and make it work on paper. When this is approved, you need to visualise a picture storyboard. Pick, approve and negotiate your main talent/actors, get your favourite crew together, block the shooting days, fix the locations, book your gear, pick up the gear and then it can finally begin. Lights ready, sound, camera rolling, standing by and action....

Great, best shoot ever and really feels like you are taking it to a whole new level. You start editing and you think....oooh no. This is never going to work. Who did I think I am, taking on a job of this magnitude. The only motivational thought that pulls you out of the deep pit you have got yourself in, is the fact that: At this point of the production, this feeling has been happening ever since you have started working 15 years ago.

Then you keep on at it, until it just becomes nothing more than hard work. And then suddenly, 7 days later, if you are so fortunate, you have it. Yes yes yes...  I am the man. 

Until the client sees it and ask to change this and that. Do you have a close-up of this shot and can you add more shots of that. It does not really make sense to scream and certainly they will not understand when you tell them that you don't have shots like that. You go home with your tail between your legs and after you told your wife that they are all idiots, she will give you that look. Do you feel better? Now go back into your office and don't come out until you have found a solution. Mmm...

So after version number 13 the client is over the moon, the bank account is full, you think you are the man again. . . .  at least until tomorrow when tomorrow will bring its own new challenges. Bobs your uncle.