Monday, 30 March 2015

Filming for Larry King in Israel - Part 2.

Every shooting day was ridiculously long but inspiration was running high as Israel is truly any cinematographers dream destination. We had a great team with producer, assistant, driver, guide and talent. They all became gaffer and sound engineers, extras and actors as the days progressed. There was not a moment of chilling and we pumped out the shots with careful consideration. On one occasion we stopped next to the highway to take a top shot of the Sea of Galilee. I jumped out and immediately a car with a trigger happy Israeli soldier stopped shouting in Hebrew to me. He had a gun and was ready to shoot…. how crazy is that. Well.. nobody really got what they wanted. The shot was not that interesting…… for both of us.

During our time in Israel I had the feeling that all the natural elements were proving themselves to me. One weekend we had a raging storm that came over the Mediterranean. The waves were up and the entire surfing population were on Red Alert. Anyhow, I was not here for fun and with the storm in full swing we made use of the free production value. Every day I took on the elements with motivation to try and top the previous day’s material. One of those nights, around 2 in the morning I found myself jumping out of bed completely in a state of paranoia. How quickly the state of Israel can do this to you. It sounded like the Carlton hotel was struck by a missile. The sound was so overwhelming and huge, the building was shaking. I jumped into my clothing and was ready to run for my life… but it was only thunder that struck right above the hotel. I was in complete disarray. The last week from a 16 days shoot I ended up in Jerusalem and if you thought it’s complicated within the country, this city takes things to an entire new level. I wish I could say that there was a magic button that one could push and find some sort of acceptance amongst all, but I fear to say that’s probably never going to happen.

One thing that does give me hope is that my filming here is part of Larry King-and-his-dynamic- team’s mission to help people with better ethnic and religious understanding amongst one another. To bring a positive message even though there is so much hate and judgment in the news today. I believe I am at the right place at the right time to do something in my small filmmaking way. To capture compelling stories and tell it in a truthful, but positive way. Everybody should once go and visit Israel and experience the place for yourselves. Besides all the extreme complications it’s an amazing country and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to film in the Holy Land.