Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Overnight success - Daniel Meuli

I met Daniel Meuli 12 years ago when we still had so much to learn. It was the time of shooting DV Pal, 4:3 aspect ratio and the 'love' for interlayers. I was so proud of my PD 170 camera that could shoot 720 x 576 resolution. It was the time before YouTube and such a thing as social media. Then it was just called being social.. or having a conversation.... and that's all we had. A conversation about snowboarding, pictures and passion. 

As the years passed, they shaped our world in so many ways and it made us whom we are. We tried different things in the hope that somebody will believe in what we are doing, only to fail miserably over and over again.  Until the day comes when we find that one thing. That one thing that drives you to get out of bed in the morning and the dream that nobody sees, but you. That elusive tunnel vision. Your dad tells you to get a real job and he is probably right, but you are too stupid to listen to him. You keep it up and gamble all your money out on a dream that's just a dream. It's not even real. And although the dream becomes blurred and you feel like your are losing ground, you still keep on throwing everything you have at it. Every last drop of power you pour wholeheartedly into a moment, until you feel like crying. Until your body cries out for mercy, but you don’t stop. And then suddenly after 10 years of slaving away, that wonderful magical overnight success story. Wooo you are lucky… That's it…. Yes.. it's just luck. The last 10 years of earning no money, working 18 hours a day and not having fun with the friends. The scrapes and the bruises. No, he’s just lucky and now we are jealous of him, of you, or me. 

Well, that is the story of many having overnight success. Also the story of our dear friend Daniel Meuli. So let's raise a glass to the rebels, the rockers and the punks who did not listen to the world and did it their way. We salute you all. Cheers...

Written by Xaver Walser